15 May 2012

May 2012

Autumn is now upon us. The leaves are falling from our deciduous trees, our wine is all downstairs in barrel and a major clean up has taken place on the production floor. Damien is on leave, recharging before the arduous task of hand pruning 14 acres of unruly vines.

Despite the challenging (wet) nature of the summer, we experienced a 6 week period of warm, mostly dry weather providing us with exceptional fruit of intense flavour, perfume and colour. We are anticipating a notch up from 2010!

In addition to the “usual suspects” we have for the first time made a Shiraz-Grenache-Mouvedre with tiny quantities of other highly classified grape additives! It already looks distinctive with a lifted fruit nose, an outrageous purple hue and peppery spice stretching throughout the palate. We also made a tiny quantity of Fortified Muscat of Alexandria and are grateful to Paul Bridgeman of Yarra Yering for his technical assistance. The Muscat will be an in house wine for friends of Pimpernel – it’s wicked!

Please consider joining the Pimpernel Society which provides an opportunity to access our wines at special prices with free delivery in the Eastern States.

The cellar door has now been open for a year. We are delighted by the increase in traffic through the wine room, and the boardroom for matched food and wine tastings. We are greatly indebted to many other wineries for their continuing support during our establishment phase. We hope to see you all in the Valley through the winter.

Mark and Fiona Horrigan

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