THE PIMPERNEL Approach to WInemaking

At Pimpernel Vineyards, our philosophy is simple: marry a great site with the best varieties and winemaking techniques.

Dry land cultivation techniques produce intensely flavoured wines that fully express our site and its climate. To ensure the best results viticulture is carried out by hand – cane pruning, shoot thinning, canopy management and selective harvesting allow us to respond optimally to the nuances of each vintage, and promotes low cropping, increases flavour concentration and improves natural acidity.

In the cellar, winemaking interventions are minimized to maximise expression of our terroir. Fruit is received in individual parcel and fermented in barriques or small open topped vats allowing close attention to the subtleties of each fermentation. As the wines mature in barrel their progress is followed with a similar level of attention to detail. There is no acid balancing, copper fining or use of other 'industrial' techniques; we do not regard these things as wrong but prefer to leave as much to nature as possible.

As part of our estate approach Pimpernel wines are bottled, labelled and packed in the cellar with our own hands. After bottling, our wines are stored for a year (or more, as is the case with the Syrah) in our underground cellar prior to commercial release. This ensures that they are fully integrated by the time they are served.

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